Visit to Curium

It was on Monday afternoon our last day together. We were all tired from the weekend’s intense activities, and school day since early in the morning. Yet, we had enough time to create further friendships with our friends from abroad, and were thrilled to visit the ancient site of Curium with them! On our way we went, on a one and a fifteen minutes bus ride. Seemingly a slightly tiring trip, but proved to be the best way to bond even further with each other! Having passed the town of Limassol, and heading towards the ancient Curium site the view which was unfolding ahead of us was truly beautiful. Green fields meeting with the bright blue sea and the clear blue sky in the far distance. The wind was icy cold. The Curium site was large with what was left of Roman baths and houses. The immense blue sea that could be seen beyond the cliff was breathtaking, and tempted lots of students to take souvenir pictures. Moving on we went down to the amphitheatre’s steps and took amazing group photos with both students and teachers! Truly, we all had spent our afternoon pleasantly, yet it was getting dark and quite colder so it was time to leave. Being tired by our return to school in the evening at 18:00 was no excuse for not having great fun at the party shortly later on in the evening! It was an amazing day enjoyed by all! Xenia Kantouna

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