Attendance to lessons

Along with the workshops and trips that had been taking place during the Comenius meeting in Cyprus, every student being hosted had the chance to obtain another unique and unforgettable experience; Attending lessons at The English School, together with the student hosting them during the Comenius week.

From Thursday the 12th to Tuesday the 17th of January, many students from Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Finland and Germany were at school, aiming to have a taste of how school and daily life is like in Cyprus. Most seemed to enjoy classes; with a little help from their hosts who made sure they were in a year group with other students of their age, so that they felt comfortable in the hands of fellow students which volunteered to acclimate the visitors in the unknown to them school. Students met new people and had a major role in every new learning experience they attended, willing to learn more about Cyprus, new lessons and things they did not study in their county, the Greek language, and improving their English.

On the whole, the visitors left smiling and satisfied with the warmth and hospitality they had been offered at The English School, promising they would visit us again soon. It was a pleasure for all of us to attend school with them.


Yiolanti Maou

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