Farewell Party

Who could have ever thought that the Comenius meeting in Cyprus would end so quickly? But what a better way to end an event which filled our hearts with lovely memories, than with a farewell party! Just after the trip to the Curium there was music and food waiting for everybody in the art room!  We were all really sad that it would be our last night together as a team and we knew that we should make that night a night to remember. In the back of our minds, though, we knew that there would be many more!

Even though we had only known each other for a few days we felt like we had known each other for years. So there was nothing holding us back from dancing and enjoying ourselves. The music was really inviting and sooner or later everyone gathered ‘round and started dancing, turning the art room into a party room!

Then we all took each other’s shoulders and started going around in a row one behind the other. Even some teachers joined us and the row was slowly becoming bigger and bigger, filling the entire room. But things got even better when the Italians selected a song (we no speak Americano) and started showing everybody their amazing dancing moves. Fortunately they were quite easy to follow and it only took seconds for all of us to start learning their dance. So by the end of the song all of us were dancing as one.

We enjoyed the delicious homemade desserts made by the parents, chatted with each other and took plenty of photos. When the party was about to end we hugged our friends and we wished them to have a safe trip. We couldn’t hide our unhappiness though, since we knew that we might not see some of our friends ever again.

Comenius in Cyprus was an unforgettable experience .Together we shared moments that will remain in our hearts forever. Thanks to Comenius we got the opportunity to meet people from other countries and get to know them better. We learned about other countries’ cultures and we took an idea of a student’s everyday life. Thank you Comenius!

Ioanna Droussiotou

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