Meeting in Cyprus

Farewell Party

Who could have ever thought that the Comenius meeting in Cyprus would end so quickly? But what a better way to end an event which filled our hearts with lovely memories, than with a farewell party! Just after the trip to the Curium there was music and food waiting for everybody in the art room!  We were all really sad that it would be our last night together as a team and we knew that we should make that night a night to remember. In the back of our minds, though, we knew that there would be many more!

Even though we had only known each other for a few days we felt like we had known each other for years. So there was nothing holding us back from dancing and enjoying ourselves. The music was really inviting and sooner or later everyone gathered ‘round and started dancing, turning the art room into a party room!

Then we all took each other’s shoulders and started going around in a row one behind the other. Even some teachers joined us and the row was slowly becoming bigger and bigger, filling the entire room. But things got even better when the Italians selected a song (we no speak Americano) and started showing everybody their amazing dancing moves. Fortunately they were quite easy to follow and it only took seconds for all of us to start learning their dance. So by the end of the song all of us were dancing as one.

We enjoyed the delicious homemade desserts made by the parents, chatted with each other and took plenty of photos. When the party was about to end we hugged our friends and we wished them to have a safe trip. We couldn’t hide our unhappiness though, since we knew that we might not see some of our friends ever again.

Comenius in Cyprus was an unforgettable experience .Together we shared moments that will remain in our hearts forever. Thanks to Comenius we got the opportunity to meet people from other countries and get to know them better. We learned about other countries’ cultures and we took an idea of a student’s everyday life. Thank you Comenius!

Ioanna Droussiotou

Attendance to lessons

Along with the workshops and trips that had been taking place during the Comenius meeting in Cyprus, every student being hosted had the chance to obtain another unique and unforgettable experience; Attending lessons at The English School, together with the student hosting them during the Comenius week.

From Thursday the 12th to Tuesday the 17th of January, many students from Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Finland and Germany were at school, aiming to have a taste of how school and daily life is like in Cyprus. Most seemed to enjoy classes; with a little help from their hosts who made sure they were in a year group with other students of their age, so that they felt comfortable in the hands of fellow students which volunteered to acclimate the visitors in the unknown to them school. Students met new people and had a major role in every new learning experience they attended, willing to learn more about Cyprus, new lessons and things they did not study in their county, the Greek language, and improving their English.

On the whole, the visitors left smiling and satisfied with the warmth and hospitality they had been offered at The English School, promising they would visit us again soon. It was a pleasure for all of us to attend school with them.

Yiolanti Maou

Saturday the 14th of  January.

Some showed signs of fatigue. Others beamed with enthusiasm. Others glanced around timidly, smiling hesitantly. Some had blue eyes, pale skin; others a slightly darker complexion and the brown eyes of the Mediterranean area. Individually, it was easy to see that they were not all from the same parts of the world. But they were all together; laughing, taking pictures, teaching words from their mother languages to one another. The Comenius people.

We soon took a bus to have a short tour around Nicosia. Those who were from Cyprus pointed out of the windows and explained briefly to the visitors what kind of buildings it was they were seeing. Others started to sing; the situation in the mini-bus was a very happy, friendly one.  People were teaching each other how to say ‘I love you’ in their mother languages; ‘Ich liebe dich’, ‘S’agapo’ (Σ’αγαπώ), ‘Ti amo’, ‘kocham cię’ etc. and as we left the bus and entered the Archeological Museum the air was ringing with ‘I love you’s in so many languages.

A brief explanation of the dates and places of all the exhibited items was given to us by our teacher Ms Solomides- all the visitors seemed interested to see the little sculptures, ancient jewellery, and, most exciting of all, an ancient tomb!

Even if this little tour of ours didn’t last as long as we wanted it to, I think I wouldn’t be proven wrong if I said that even we (meaning those of us that live in Cyprus), who have all visited the Museum at least once, learned a lot on that day- not to mention our guests, who had never been exposed to the history of ancient Cyprus.

Kleopatra Olympiou

Visit to Curium

It was on Monday afternoon our last day together. We were all tired from the weekend’s intense activities, and school day since early in the morning. Yet, we had enough time to create further friendships with our friends from abroad, and were thrilled to visit the ancient site of Curium with them!

On our way we went, on a one and a fifteen minutes bus ride. Seemingly a slightly tiring trip, but proved to be the best way to bond even further with each other! Having passed the town of Limassol, and heading towards the ancient Curium site the view which was unfolding ahead of us was truly beautiful. Green fields meeting with the bright blue sea and the clear blue sky in the far distance.

The wind was icy cold. The Curium site was large with what was left of Roman baths and houses. The immense blue sea that could be seen beyond the cliff was breathtaking, and tempted lots of students to take souvenir pictures. Moving on we went down to the amphitheatre’s steps and took amazing group photos with both students and teachers!

Truly, we all had spent our afternoon pleasantly, yet it was getting dark and quite colder so it was time to leave. Being tired by our return to school in the evening at 18:00 was no excuse for not having great fun at the party shortly later on in the evening! It was an amazing day enjoyed by all!

Xenia Kantouna

First Art Workshop

Day one, and even though it’s our first day together, familiarity is in the air: Students walking up and down the Science Building, shaking hands, getting to know each other better. My guest, Kornelija, is as thrilled as I am, she can’t wait to meet the others! Excited voices echo in the Building… and it’s finally time for our first workshop. Our team gathers in the Art Room, waiting for the first activity: making masks! Even though most of us didn’t take art lessons, or weren’t as good in drawing, we all had the spark of the artist deep inside us, so I have to mention that every single mask was a masterpiece.

Each one of us had to choose a character from our fairytale, The Magic Touch, and represent that character with a unique design on a mask. The room came alive, and the awkwardness between the students disappeared. We laughed constantly as we were creating our masks. Lots of fancy materials like ribbons, veils and pastels, combined to create amazing masks. People from Lithuania, Cyprus, Italy, the Aland Islands, Germany and Poland were all together having fun. Difficulties in communication were inevitable, but even though we all spoke different languages, we could all speak the language of art!

We shared ideas, laughed with each other (some masks were really funny), and the time had gone so fast! Our art teacher, Ms. Syrimis went around the room and admired our creations. I must say, she looked really pleased with our work.

It was a unique experience to see children from other countries working together so well from the first meeting! But that is the point of the Comenius program, isn’t it? Friendship :)

Marina Economidou


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